About Class 1 Programm

At Udayan Group of Schools, CBSE Class 1 curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation for students’ academic and personal growth. It includes the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Hindi, Environmental Studies, General Knowledge, Arts and Craft, and Health and Physical Education 1. The curriculum aims to encourage students to explore their surroundings, build their vocabulary, and develop essential skills

  • Language Development: Emphasis is placed on developing language skills in both English and the regional language. Basic reading, writing, and speaking skills are introduced through stories, poems, and simple exercises.

  • Mathematics: Fundamental mathematical concepts such as numbers, basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), shapes, patterns, measurements, and simple problem-solving are introduced through interactive activities and games.

  • Environmental Studies (EVS): The EVS curriculum introduces young learners to their immediate environment, including topics such as family, home, school, neighborhood, plants, animals, seasons, and basic concepts of health and hygiene.

  • General Knowledge: Basic knowledge about the world around them is introduced, including topics such as national symbols, important festivals, famous personalities, and simple facts about different countries.

  • Art and Craft: Activities such as drawing, coloring, painting, and simple craft work are included to stimulate creativity and fine motor skills.

  • Music and Dance: Basic musical concepts, rhymes, songs, and simple dance movements are introduced to encourage creativity and expression.

  • Physical Education: Basic physical activities, exercises, and games are included to promote physical fitness, coordination, and teamwork.

  • Moral and Value Education: Simple moral values such as honesty, kindness, sharing, and respect for others are introduced through stories, role-playing, and discussions.

  • Computer Education: Basic computer skills and concepts may be introduced, focusing on familiarizing students with the keyboard, mouse, and simple software applications.

  • Assessment: Assessment in Class 1 typically involves continuous evaluation through various activities, worksheets, oral assessments, and observation of the child's progress.

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